The Mechanical Engineering faculty is committed to providing the best undergraduate mechanical engineering education possible. We strive to nurture the intellectual, professional and personal development of our students; to continuously improve the curriculum, to be professionally current, and to maintain state-of-the-art facilities for teaching and learning.

We seek to prepare students for professional practice with a solid, scientifically-grounded foundation in the major topics of mechanical engineering: mechanics, mechanical design, dynamics, control, fluid mechanics, thermal science and materials science.

Undergraduate Student Services

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The McKelvey School of Engineering Student Machine Shops are facility's that provide students the training and opportunity to learn and practice hands-on manufacturing techniques in a safe and supervised environment.

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Our students love to build, design, make and improve. Student organizations like Design/Build/Fly and WashU Racing take advantage of our facilities and Spartan Makerspace to put their creativity to work.

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