The Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science at Washington University in St. Louis offers students the option to pursue bachelor's, master's, PhD and Master of Engineering degrees.

Opportunities for advanced study and research are presently available in biomechanics, energy conversion and efficiency, advanced materials, nanotechnology and computational mechanics.

Faculty and students collaborate on interdisciplinary projects with partners in biomedical engineering, energy, environmental and chemical engineering, chemistry, physics, biology and medicine. Students interested in these fields and registered in the department may take courses offered by these programs and may include faculty from these departments on thesis committees.

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Top rising materials science institutions worldwide (Nature Index)
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What motivated you to earn a graduate engineering degree?

"I’ve always loved the idea of applying engineering knowledge to advance the medical field. It was a tough choice for me to choose between engineering and medicine during my undergraduate study. During my junior year, I learned about biomaterials and found them fascinating. It drove me to study tissue engineering and regenerative medicine in the United States."

Ghiskaa Ramahdita
Degree pursuing: PhD in mechanical engineering
Hometown: Depok, West Java, Indonesia

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Jubel Hall features collaborative workspaces, classrooms and the Spartan Light Metal Products Makerspace  — open to all students, faculty and staff on WashU's campus.


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