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Resources for All Undergraduate Students

  • Learning Center: https://ctl.wustl.edu/learningcenter/
    • Residential Peer Mentoring (RPMs) and Academic Mentoring (AMs)
    • Academic Skills Peer Coaching
    • Matched Academic Mentoring (small group tutoring)
    • Peer-led Team Learning (calculus, chemistry, and physics)
    • MCAT Prep Course- financial aid available
  • Engineering Undergraduate Student Services
    • Tutoring
    • Problem Solving Teams (BME 140, EEEC 101, and ESE 105)
    • Mathematics & Statistics Online Help Room- virtual help desk for Calculus courses (131,132, 233) and Differential Equations (217)

Resources for All Engineering Students

University-Wide Resources

  • Writing Center
    • Writing Center- any written project
    • Speaking Studio- any public speaking project
  • Olin Library
    • Collections
    • Remote Resources
    • Subject Librarians
    • Data Services
    • Special Collections
    • Thesis guidelines for graduate students
  • Disability Resources
    • Academic accommodations
    • Note-taking, sign language interpreters, assistive technology, and coordination of accessible housing needs