Recent Major Awards

Agarwal, Ramesh: $1.125M, 3 yrs, NASA, "Development of Turbulence Models, Uncertainty Quantification and Optimization Tools for Aircraft and Turbomachinery Analysis and Design"

Banerjee, Parag: $299,999, 3 yrs, NSF, "GOALI: Diamond Coated Carbon Fiber Wire Sawing of Silicon Ingots"

Bayly, Philip: $2.25M, 4 yrs, NIH, "In vivo measurement of brain biomechanics"

Genin, Guy: $3.1M, 5 yrs, NIH, "Cross-scale interactions between mineral and collagen for tendon-bone attachment"

Lake, Spencer: $230,000, 3 yrs, NIH, "The role of periarticular structures in post-traumatic joint stiffness and contracture"

Pathak, Amit: $500,000, 5 yrs, NSF, "CAREER: History-dependent cell motility in heterogeneous microenvironments"

Peters, David: $530,000, 5 yrs, RCoE, "Finite-State Inflow Modeling for Multi-Rotor and Compound Configurations and High-Speed Performance"

Singamaneni, Srikanth: $400,000, 5 yrs, NSF, "CAREER: Plasmonic Nanoclusters with Built-in Artificial Antibodies for Label-free Biosensing"

Singamaneni, Srikanth: $450,000, 3 yrs, AFOSR, "Probing Biotic/Abiotic Interfaces at the Nanoscale Using Limited Proteolysis and Chiral Plasmonics"

Wagenseil, Jessica: $329,000, 1 yr, NIH, "Biomechanical Factors in Congenital Vascular Disease"