"My engineering education has governed all of the things that I deal with on a day-to-day basis. It provided the background and the way of thinking that I use daily at work. Being on the Formula SAE race car team in particular has really given me a lot of experience that I call on for design." - Brian Aggrey, SpaceX, Class of 2013

Andrew Brimer

Co-Founder, Sparo Labs

Andrew Brimer was part of a student-led team that founded Sparo Labs, which stemmed from an award-winning project to develop a low-cost spirometer, a device used to measure lung function.

Cristina Garcia Duffy

Rotary Wing Aerodynamics Specialist, UK Aerodynamics Centre and AgustaWestland

After earning a doctorate in aerospace engineering with a concentration in rotorcraft, Cristina Garcia Duffy started her career at AgustaWestland, a helicopter manufacturer based in the United Kingdom.

Deanne Bell

TV Host, Discovery Channel, PBS, DIY Network, National Geographic Channel and ESPN

Deanne Bell credits Washington University with nurturing the talents and traits that led to a career of hosting science-based television shows.

Col. Robert L. Behnken

Chief of NASA Astronaut Office

In this role, Robert Behnken is responsible for managing Astronaut Office resources, operations and safety programs. During this innovative time, he will also help develop astronaut flight crew operation concepts and crew assignments for future spaceflight missions.

Sandra Sowah

PhD Graduate Student, Princeton University

After graduation, Sandra Sowah began working at Structural Integrity Associates Inc., a specialty engineering consulting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was a member of the firm's Vibrations and Instrumentations group. After working in industry, Sandra decided to further her education and is currently working on her doctorate studying fluid mechanics at Princeton University.