MEMS/IMSE Seminar: Li Na Quan Seminar: Li Na Quan2020-01-27T06:00:00Z1:30 PM2:30 PMBrauer Hall, Room 12<p>​<a href="" target="_blank">Dr. Li Na Quan</a>, postdoctoral research fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, will present.<br/></p>Laura Barker;
LEAP Registration Deadline Registration Deadline2020-01-27T06:00:00Z<p>Win LEAP funding, unleash the impact of your science, advance your research towards commercialization, and develop personal connections with industry experts. Twice per year, the Leadership and Entrepreneurial Acceleration Program (LEAP) awards funding for translational research and inventions with the goal of commercialization. LEAP is open to any person/team with existing or potential WashU intellectual property<br/></p><p>Survey results from the Fall 2019 Cycle showed that 100 percent of participants agreed that "LEAP interactions helped me assess our technology's readiness for commercialization" and they would "recommend participation in LEAP to colleagues." Now it is your chance to participate. Registration for the Spring 2020 Cycle is open now until <strong>end-of-day Monday, Jan. 27</strong>. It only takes a few minutes to apply and can be <a href="" target="_blank">completed online</a>.<br/><br/><strong>Benefits of participating LEAP:</strong></p><ul><li>Be considered for funding (up to $50k for top-scoring projects; one drug discovery project may be awarded $100k per judges decision)<br/></li><li>An educational and interactive process providing:</li><ol><li>Guidance to turn your project into an industry asset with a clear developmental plan for commercialization</li><li>Essential skills to attract commercial funding partners (e.g. federal grants, investors, etc.)</li><li>Feedback from industry experts and opportunities to build long-lasting relationships</li><li>Development of a written summary and presentation for projects as applied to the market</li><li>Access to a dedicated team, led by the Skandalaris Center's Assistant Director of LEAP and Research Innovation, that provides support in navigating the scientific entrepreneurial ecosystem at WUSTL (ICTS, CDD, OTM, etc.)</li></ol></ul><p><strong>BONUS funding and</strong><strong></strong><strong> resources available:</strong></p><p><strong></strong>Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company Limited (SPARC) may provide up to $2 million in value towards the development of a therapeutic. You can indicate your interest in the SPARC support when register.<br/></p>
MEMS Faculty Meeting Faculty Meeting2020-01-30T06:00:00Z2:30 pm4:00 pmJubel Hall, Room 133
IMSE/BME/MEMS Seminar: Naren Vyavahare Seminar: Naren Vyavahare2020-02-03T06:00:00Z1:30PM2:30 PMBrauer Hall, Room 12<p>​Dr. Naren Vyavahare, Chair and Professor of Bioengineering at Clemson University, will present.<br/></p>Beth Gartin;
MEMS Seminar: Sang-Hoon Bae Seminar: Sang-Hoon Bae2020-02-06T06:00:00Z2:30 PM3:30 PMBrauer Hall, Room 12<p>​<a href="" target="_blank">Dr. Sang-Hoon Bae</a>, postdoctoral research associate at MIT, will present. <br/></p>Laura Barker;
MEMS Seminar: Lauren Garten Seminar: Lauren Garten2020-02-13T06:00:00Z2:30 PM3:30 PMBrauer Hall, Room 12<p>​<a href="" target="_blank">Dr. Lauren Garten</a>, a Jerome and Isabella Karle Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, will present.<br/></p>Laura Barker;
MEMS/IMSE Seminar: You Zhou Seminar: You Zhou2020-02-17T06:00:00Z1:30 PM2:30 PMBrauer Hall, Room 12<p>​<a href="" target="_blank">Dr. You Zhou</a>, postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University, will present.<br/></p>Laura Barker;